Saturday, August 15, 2009

The first step is always the hardest...

At the advice of several friends of mine who have taken that first daunting and exhilarating step out into the real world, I hereby dedicate this blog to all of the people out there that have enough time on their hands to keep track of my life and the inclination to do so.

Basically, this will serve as a public account of my (mis)adventures in the world during this final semester of college at the University of Michigan, my visit to Panama, and while teaching in Chile. While regular updates would of course be ideal, I expect my visits to this page to be of a more sporadic nature.

As of last night, I have my first indications of a job offer to work in Chile. The TeachingChile program has been very responsive to my application and to my questions about the program. If I worked through this option, I would be paid a regular Chilean teacher salary and could either live with a host family (for a price) or rent my own apartment. I would pay a fee to TeachingChile for matching me with the job offer, and would pay it only if I accepted it. I am kind of feeling under a little stress to get moving on the other English teaching programs in Chile so that I will have some options when DuocUC comes back to me with an offer. I want to consider the other programs that would place me in the Patagonia. Some programs include flight costs as well, which is amazing. There is just so much to do, and such little time to do it in... I feel like sometimes my brain might explode. Sleeping after analyzing the options can be difficult. Also, it tends to frustrate me when organizations do not reply to my e-mails in a prompt fashion.

My Honors Thesis is moving slowly right now. I am actually wondering how long this will take for me to get it done. Crafting my analysis of current international relations between Panama and the United States is a difficult task. I keep writing my argument and then reworking it to fit my constantly changing opinion.

Well, I would say that is a pretty good first entry. Until next time, adios cowboys!